Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Travel diary - day 1

Well, we survived 2 plane flights which included 6 total hours of downtime in airports. It was a long day but giving them food every 20-30 minutes and lots of changes in locations helped a lot.

Today we have been enjoying all the luxuries offered at "Ficks Resort"! This included a morning of swimming followed by a naked outdoor shower (for the kids only!). Nanna showed off her banana prowess by chopping a newly ripened bunch and hanging it from her banana ripening rope (very high-tech). After lunch Matt took a much needed nap while the girls enjoyed another swim. We also took a mini-field trip down the street to see Nanna's new boat and start warming the kids up to the idea of a sail.

On tomorrow's agenda: an outing to the butterfly conservatory and sunset at Mallory Square!

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