Thursday, March 10, 2011

Travel diary - day 3

Today started off with perfect weather, the winds had died down and it was sunny and clear. We took advantage of the nice weather with more swimming and some kayaking. I took each of the kids out one at a time to paddle down the channel and go "iguana hunting" (no iguanas were killed or injured on this expedition). We saw several and the kids were fascinated.

Right after our picnic lunch by the pool a storm blew in out of nowhere. This provided a great opportunity for Matt to nap and for KK to spend some more time in Nanna's studio. After a few work calls, we all headed down to Big Pine Key in the hopes of spotting some of the tiny deer that can only be found in the Keyes. We capped off that excitement (consisting mostly of mom and I spotting deer and the kids saying, "where?, where?") with some yummy pizza fron no name pub.

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AshScoBLOG said...

work calls no fun..let's not make you do that again ;-) Keep posting about all the fun you guys are having because we are living through you all up here