Friday, March 11, 2011

Travel diary - day 4

Another full day of activities - a morning visit to the Butterfly Conservatory (Katharine was "nervous" and Matthew screamed every time a butterfly got near him). Despite this, I got a few good pics with my right hand while holding Matt on my left hip. Lunch at a french place where the kids had yummy crepes and I had eggs benedict. A brief stroll down Duval street and we were headed back home.

Nanna and KK swam (despite the drop in temperature to a mere 70 degrees) while I unsuccessfully tried to get Matt to nap. A little more time in the studio for KK and some more beach play for everyone rounded out the day.

Tomorrow we head back home to see our much missed hubby/daddy and get back into a much needed routine.

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AshScoBLOG said...

Did you all ever go for a sail?