Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mom of the Year?... Not today

So, today is the first day of school for my two precious, adorable children. And, to really hit it home, today is the first day of kindergarten for Katharine (some might argue this is a milestone).

I'd love to report that I rose to the occasion in super-mom fashion but, alas, it seems the day is starting out as a bit of a bust. First, I did not take a single picture this morning and what is worse (at least in my mind), I did not think to take a single picture this morning until I got to school and all the other mom's were doing it. Of course I'll take one this afternoon and attempt to change this history by pretending it was all part of my grand plan. Second, in classic rookie-mom fashion, on the drive in today I had my head turned talking to Katharine and managed to rear-end the car in front of me. Fortunately we were going slow and no one was hurt but I did manage to enrage the man driving the car and put a nice little indentation in his back right bumper. And, to add the cherry to the top of why I am not mom of the year today, the first thing I said when I hit the car was, "this is why I can't talk when I'm driving, Katharine!" And I believe I might have followed that up with an inappropriate word for young ears and a hand slam on the steering wheel. Ugh, there really is nothing like parenting to make one acutely aware of their own flaws. Humility, humility, humility.

Let's hope all of our days pick up from here on out! A quick stop for celebratory cupcakes after school seems like a good start!

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