Sunday, September 04, 2011

Not my baby anymore

After months of complete apathy, violent opposition, and stubbornness that can only be genetically transferred, Matt seems to finally be giving potty training a legitimate shot.

We had decided that this weekend we were going to make Matt wear underwear, ready or not. On Friday night he had a dry pull-up so I decided no time like the present. Off to the bathroom we went. Matt was not happy, rolling on the floor and saying he wanted to go to his room. I was sitting with my back to the door, barricading him in until he "tried ". In this bedlam, I waxed philosophical and wondered which parenting book this technique was in. It was beginning to get old and I started to back-pedal, how could I get out of this without seeming like I was caving? Then inspiration hit, "Matt, you can go in your room if you take your potty with you and try in there. " This was received with a quiet look of serious contemplation. "OK", he said. So he took the potty into his room, sat down on it, and immediately peed! Wow, not only is my son stubborn,  he is a control freak. Still, it was a victory and we celebrated - ice cream and temporary tattoos for anyone who wanted them. Matt did so well that KK was getting close to a sleeve by Sunday night. Let's hope the kid really gets it this time.

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