Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Talking to God

A brief, funny "conversation" witht Matt. Last night we were outside after dark and out of nowhere Matt looked up at the sky and shouted in his loudest voice, "God, God!".

Mom: "Matt, are you talking to God?"
Matt: "uh.yes."
Mom: "Well, what were you going to tell God?"
Matt (face up to the sky with a loud shouting voice): "Sharks are mean!"
Matt (after a pause): "and stingrays sometimes bite too!"

Birthday Weekend Wrap Up

Katharine had a great Birthday weekend. Grandmomma and Poppa came to visit and took us to a yummy breakfast at Lost Dog Cafe.

Katharine had over 20 school friends come to party with her at Ready, Set, Rock 'n' Roll (a party place full of jump castles and this humungous blow up slide that I was more frightened of than any of the kids). Katharine, her school friends, her littlest buddies William, Marlee, and Milo all burned off lots of steam and had a blast (despite a brush burn here of there). Everyone shared in some Carvel Ice Cream cake (a favorite of mine when I was a kid) and you can see that Katharine didn't like it one bit! Then she held court in her blow up throne while she opened presents. It was a great Birthday weekend!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Update from the Butterfly Class (excerpt, ECDC newsletter)


The Butterflies have been quite busy over these past few weeks. We've enjoyed making our own puppets out of wooden spoons, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, feathers and much more. We welcomed puppeteer Becky Becker into our classroom for a workshop on how to use them. She was fantastic and had all the children captivated!

We've also been on two different field trips recently, the first to Wannamaker Park. The children explored the lagoon, ran up and down a HUGE hill, and had a blast on the fun playground there. We set out for Kiawah Island this past Friday, toughing out the chilly weather to do some exploring. The children found interesting shells, creatures, and plants and got a brief lesson on how the food chain works. Ask them to show you how clams eat their food!

It's hard to believe that it is almost Thanksgiving! Of course, for us, that means we are gearing up for the annual Thanksgiving feast. Our kids will be helping to cook some of the food in preparation for the meal. We wish you all a great holiday and look forward to being back on the 28th!

Our baby girl is 6

Six years ago today, on a dramatic stormy day, our baby girl made her unforgettable arrival in to the world. Happy Birthday, Love!