Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Birthday Weekend Wrap Up

Katharine had a great Birthday weekend. Grandmomma and Poppa came to visit and took us to a yummy breakfast at Lost Dog Cafe.

Katharine had over 20 school friends come to party with her at Ready, Set, Rock 'n' Roll (a party place full of jump castles and this humungous blow up slide that I was more frightened of than any of the kids). Katharine, her school friends, her littlest buddies William, Marlee, and Milo all burned off lots of steam and had a blast (despite a brush burn here of there). Everyone shared in some Carvel Ice Cream cake (a favorite of mine when I was a kid) and you can see that Katharine didn't like it one bit! Then she held court in her blow up throne while she opened presents. It was a great Birthday weekend!

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