Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Matt is the student of the week!

Here is Matt's "bio" as the featured child of the week in the "Sunflower Gazette" (his class newsletter). I'm not sure where the comment about green beans came from -- the boy has never touched one! I may have to make him some tonight! ;)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Oysters, crowds, and other things I don't like about festivals

Alternate title: Sunday, crazy Sunday

This title sounds negative but that is because I really try to find the humor in those dark moments you know you will never forget and that generally aren't even a little funny when they are happening. It was a beautiful day. The 29th annual oyster festival was marked with sunny, blue skies and temperatures that were higher than predicted - one couldn't ask for prettier weather in January. We were in a gorgeous setting surrounded by history with Boone Hall Plantation house and the grand old oaks surrounding us. Most importantly, we were together as a family. Until we weren't. That dreaded moment when teems of people are everywhere and your son suddenly seems to be nowhere. Happy little Matt had gone to the cookie stand with his Daddy and was happily clutching his blue elephant cookie-pops, so enthralled with them that he lost sight of Dad and wondered in the total opposite direction to find him. We looked and looked and as Paul approached a policewoman, I began to feel that panicky feeling. As she asked me to describe what my son was wearing, a little piece of my mind was gripped in terror. I clutched Katharine's hand and we all did the best we could to remain calm and vigilant. And people were looking, our friends, the surrounding vendors, strangers, the police. The quote, "it takes a village" came to mind repeatedly. The police found him within minutes and I was so impressed with how they came together and used their network to their advantage.

I was terrified that Matt would be distraught, screaming his head off because he couldn't find us. But, as the police led us to where he was, safely in the arms of some man we had never met, he smiled at us and seemed calm as a cucumber. They told us he had told them his name and his mommy's name but claimed to not know his last name (although I'm sure he does). Matt said he was standing by a tree and a policeman came to talk to him. He told us, "no tears came out of my eyes but I was a little scared."

We pretty much called it a day after that and took our reunited little family to the safety and comfort of home!

Happy birthday to Holland and Anna Bess

Alternate title: busy weekend, part I.

One of our many weekend activities. Katharine jumped herself silly at Ready, Set, Rock n' Roll while Matthew got to on a playdate to his buddy Beckett's house.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday night is movie night

This seems to be quickly becoming a Roof weekend tradition - gobbling up pizza and wings and collapsing in front of the tv for a kid movie.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ask Matt how he likes the dentist

This picture would indicate he loves it. As would the comment he made as we entered the office, "I love this place. I am so excited." That lasted until they asked him to lie back so they could start sticking implements in his mouth, then it was a definitive no thank you. My favorite part of mommy-hood is definitely NOT holding my son down for his medical care.

I asked him after school how he enjoyed the dentist and he said it was great. Ya' kid, that's how I remember it too.

All I want for Christmas....

... well, a bit too late for Christmas I suppose - but still pretty cute with a big old window front and center. Two more wiggling on the bottom now as well!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Too cool for school

Matt- party boy

Yesterday afternoon Matt and I went to the Little Gym to celebrate his classmate, Sadie's, birthday. Matthew had a blast and ran around like a madman with his friend Laura (while everyone else played structured games). He came in ready to party and he gave it all he had.

My husband immortalized

Yesterday a local gallery, Redux, hosted the second annual portrait battle. Four rounds, 22 models sitting for two hours as 24 local artists battle in a musical chairs style competition. Did I mention all the models had beards? Enter the HCBMS! Paul was the final model, sitting for the last three painters standing. Shown here is the winning portrait.

The kids went with us and I'm hoping the late night will be worth it for the cultural experience the kids gained.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I bought these for you, Stephen Colbert...

and every chip is South Carolina shaped! Actually, I can't guarantee that but use your imagination.

This picture illustrates the view outside my office window today as hundreds of people jammed into the cistern to see the Colbert/Cain "rally". It was great fun and we had the best seats in the house - if you like having a really good view of the back of Colbert's head.

Asthma update

Today was our check up with pediatric pulmonary and we had good news. Since Matt has been doing so well they are thinking we can start weening him off some of the meds this spring. Yahoo!

He also got a (late) got flu shot which really helped to alleviate that element of parental guilt. Matt weighed in at 32.7 pounds and 38.5 inches.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another one bites the dust

Right before bedtime last night Katharine lost her third tooth (see gaping hole in the top middle). She was so excited and thinks she looks really cool with her new gap. The tooth fairy brought her $3!

The one right next to it is wiggling too so it won't be long before we have to call that fairy back!