Thursday, March 29, 2012

4 and 6 year old check ups

Last week we finally made it to the pediatrician for some overdue check ups.

KK weighed in at 41 lbs and 46.25"; 50th percentile for weight and height. Matt weighed in at 31 lbs and 39.75"; 25th percentile for weight and height. Either Matt is about to hit a growth spurt or he is a shrinky-dink. I guess only time will tell.

The 4 year old check up is the awful one with 4 shots and a finger prick. I'd love to write that Matt took it like a champ but that couldn't be further from the truth - he screamed bloody murder.

After the "suffering" we celebrated our survival with a brief outing to the aquarium. It was so fun to spend free time with the kids on a weekday - some much needed downtime for everyone.

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