Monday, June 25, 2012

R.I.P. Gerald J. Ficks, Jr. (1936-2012)

I have always considered myself as having four parents. As a child of divorce this just made sense to me and helped me to maintain a sense of family in my non-traditional arrangement. Last week, I lost the first of those four parents. I had the pleasure of having Jerry as my stepfather since 1990, when he and my mother married in a small ceremony on an island beach. Jerry was kind and supportive  and I would not be where I am today if it were not (in part) for his support of my abilities, my dreams, and my future. 

His obituary (from the Cincinnati Enquirer):

Gerald Jack Jr., of Jupiter, FL, passed away on Thursday, June 13, 2012. Age 75. A former resident of Cincinnati, OH, Marion, MA, and Cudjoe Key, FL. Jerry is survived by his loving wife Trudie and sons John (Meredith) of Cincinnati, OH, Philip (Michael) of Brooklyn, NY and step-daughter Karin Roof (Paul) of Charleston, SC. An avid sailor throughout his life, Jerry was a champion Thistle racer and winner of the International Rolex Regatta. After earning an M.A. in Economics from the University of Cincinnati, Jerry worked for the World Bank. In 1972, Jerry was named president of The Ficks Reed Co. remaining in that position for 20 years. Jerry also served a term as president of the National Association of Furniture Manufacturers. Memorial Service, 11am, Thursday, June 28. Gwen Mooney Funeral Home - Norman Chapel, Spring Grove Cemetery. Memorial gifts may be made to the Charitable Care Fund at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, P.O. Box 5202, Cincinnati, Ohio 45201-5202.

On Wednesday, I will fly to Cincinnati to help say goodbye and I have been asked to read this poem at his funeral, so I thought I would share it here:

The Unknown Shore - Elizabeth Clark Hardy
Some time at eve, when the tide is low,
I shall slip my moorings and sail away,
with no response to a friendly hail,
in the silent hush of the twilight pale,
when the night stoops down to embrace the day
and the voices call in the water's flow.
Some time at eve when the tide is low,
I shall slip my moorings and sail away
Through the purple shadows that darkly trail
O'er the ebbing tide of the unknown sea,
and a ripple of waters to tell the tale
of a lonely voyager, sailing away
to mystic isles, where at anchor lay
the craft of those who have sailed before
o'er the unknown sea to the unknown shore.
A few who have watched me sail away
will miss my craft from the busy bay;
some friendly barques that were anchored near,
some loving souls that my heart held dear,
in silent sorrow will drop a tear;
but I shall have peacefully furled my sail
in mooring sheltered from storm and gale
and greet the friends who have sailed before
o'er the unknown sea to the unknown shore.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

We celebrated with our third annual (and perhaps final) recital. KK was a little star and her daddy loved watching her dance (as did mom, matt, grandmomma, poppa, yeya, olga, and nela). What in the world will we do to keep ourselves busy next father's day?