Saturday, October 06, 2012

Frankenweenie Friday Night Horror

So last night, with Dad out of town bearding, the kids and I got spontaneous and decided to go see Frankenweenie on its opening night. Did I know anything about this movie? No -- other than KK had mentioned how all the kids at school were talking about it. Did I watch the trailer before setting out on this outing? No, surely that would take the spontaneity out of the whole event, right?? Knowing it was a Tim Burton film should I have already suspected that research might be useful? Probably.

Was the film appropriate for 4-6 years olds? NO! I had one on my lap for the better part of the film feigning sleepiness in the hopes I would take her home as I leaned over into the other's seat to try to make him feel protected. Do I think they are scarred for life? No, they seemed to bounce back pretty quickly once we left the theater and slept without nightmares (Katharine even claimed to like it once we had escaped the dark theater).

The film was something akin to Frankenstein meets pet cemetery  The kids got to watch the boy's beloved dog get hit by a car, be brought back to life by lightening, die again in a fire and be brought back to life by a "jumping" from multiple car batteries (that was the happy ending). All this is punctuated by other kid's deceased family pets who are brought back to life only to become terrifying creatures that run rampant through the quiet town of New Holland (because these children had brought their animals back for the "wrong reasons" they became bad rather than the regular ol' family pet again with the occasional tail or ear falling off).

And the Halloween season officially begins for the Roof family!

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