Tuesday, November 05, 2013


My beautiful girl

The title to this blog entry makes no sense - unless you live in our house. We have had a long tradition of reading stories at bedtime and then I would lay quietly with them for a few minutes as they drifted off to sleep. That quiet time got the nickname "take a rest." Matthew has always and still loves his "take a rest"; we lay quietly and I rub his back and he is close to sleep as I creep out of his room. Katharine, on the other hand, spent most of her "take a rest" time talking. So, slowly, "take a rest" evolved into "talk a rest." Katharine loves this and the minute I close the book we are currently reading, she chirps, "what are we going to talk about." Of late, this time has taken yet another turn where Katharine is exploring her love of math and that time has become called "math a rest." Now we spend a few minutes every night where I give her a math problem verbally (example: 417 + 123) and she will solve the problem in her head and give me the answer. And, bless her, that girl is right 99% of the time. So proud!

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