Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow days

I grew up in Buffalo, NY -- a town legendary for its snowy winters and, not coincidentally, snow days. Snow days in Buffalo tended to look something like the picture here. Basically, schools were closed for snow days because the act of getting children through the snow filled streets on those long yellow buses with no seat belts would likely kill us before we arrived.

In South Carolina -- where nothing could be finer and the residents are accustomed to balmy days and blue skies, snow days are a little different. Yesterday the temperature was 67 degrees and the skies were clear. Frankly, it was a pretty nice day (especially for January). However, rumors were building from our faithful weatherman that bad weather was coming. Temperatures nearing freezing and the possibility of sleet or snow (emphasis possibility). Decisions had to be made. The private college where Paul works closed at 3:00 PM yesterday (you know, the 67 degrees and clear skies day). The state school where I worked decided to close for today and we will see where we are with the weather on Tuesday afternoon. The local school district decided it could squeak out a 4 hour day this morning (those count as full days, you see) and would hold out on Wednesday.

As I sit in my family room typing this the current temperature is 39 degrees, there is no precipitation, and frankly, it is not such a bad day. However, my iPhone is telling me that by 3:00 PM there is an 80% chance of snow and 100% chance by 4:00 PM. My husband is bursting with excitement and keeps talking about preparing for the snow-pocolyspe (this is the person who should have grown up in Buffalo). I'm holding onto the edge of my seat in anticipation. Actually, I'm hoping to sneak in a couple of errands before we all go in to hiding from the "flakes."

I'll keep you posted and post a "local" picture when the snow-pocolyspe actually hits. But I've got to agree, nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina - where snow days are fun mini-vacations.

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