Sunday, April 13, 2014

Global Youth Service Day

Today is global youth service day and the Roof children had an awesome opportunity to give back in their local community. An 8 year old boy, Jackson, started a non-profit to help feed kids in the Lowcountry who don't get enough to eat. Jackson attends the same elementary school as my kids and did a "change for change" fundraiser all week at school, where kids were encouraged to bring in their loose change to contribute to the cause. As a part of that effort, they invited students to attend a "packing party" at the Lowcountry Food Bank to pack grocery bags with healthy food to help kids get through the weekend without being hungry. Each bag contained two milks, two cereals, a granola bar, two cans of pasta, and two fruit cups. KK worked with two school friends in the "older kids" line and Matthew and I partnered up in the "under 7" line.

Apparently, these packing parties had been going on all year but this one was the first we had attended. Today's, the last one of the school year, had double the number of kid volunteers -- about 60. The result illustrated the old adage, "many hands make light work" as the kids packed 500 bags in only 45 minutes! And, everyone seemed to have a really fun time in the process.

This picture features an attempt to get a group shot of all the "pint-sized" packers right before the action got started. Also featured in this photo is the Director of the Lowcountry Food Bank who honored Jackson with an award for all his hard work with

Check out their webpage for more information: ihearthungrykidsorg. In addition to packing parties, they sell t-shirts and tote bags to help support the cause and also accept direct contributions, see their support us page for more.

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