Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 2 - Autographs, autographs

Today we were on the hunt for autographs between our fast pass rides (Peter Pan's flight, Haunted Mansion, and    Mad Tea Party).  The kids patiently stood in line for a total of five autographs- Pluto, Marie, Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter. I got a kick out of Mad Hatter, british accent and fast on his feet wisecracks. 

First pair of ears

Disney - day 1

We arrived without getting lost once in textbook time. The security guards for the Animal Kingdom greeted us with "welcome home."  Not only was our room ready when we arrived but we'd been chosen for the safari room of the day- which I'm pretty sure means a room with a better view, but definitely involved having our picture taken. We got to our room and immediately saw giraffes and lots of other cool wildlife.

After a quick loop around the lobby, we headed for the bus to the Magic Kingdom. We had a glorious afternoon taking in the sights, shops, and our first ride, The Pirates of the Carribean. After an Italian dinner at Tony's (the pistachio crenelated brûlée was the highlight), we stayed for an amazing fireworks show and the electric parade (Matt waved liked crazy at all the passing floats). The kids fell asleep on the bus ride back - happy customers!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

...and then this happened

So, we were at the egg hunt and Katharine appeared with a sticky, bloody tooth! A red, cherry-flavored jelly bean had stuck to it and yanked it out. So, this makes tooth 13. 

Egg Hunt

Today was the Palm Sunday Festival at curch and the kids have a blast looking for eggs! Matt is featured here with his buddy, Brody and Katharine is featured with pal, Catherine. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Guess who's heading to Disney!

It's spring break for the Roof children, so we're heading to Disney World. We leave on Monday for five glorious nights in Mickey's hometown! We're staying in the Animal Kingdom Resort and can't wait to see the Sahara! 

The picture above is from our big reveal party where we told the kids about our big adventure. The surprise party began with a poem telling them they had to find clues to guess where our adventure would begin. The clues ranged from rain ponchos to sunscreen to clickable sharpie pens. The final clue was a pair of Disney autograph books. They figured it out and had a fun time doing it. 

Poor Paul is getting left behind, as he has to teach this week.